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Сверкающие фоны - растровый клипарт

Автор: admin от 18-03-2017, 23:07
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Сверкающие фоны - растровый клипарт

Сверкающие фоны - растровый клипарт
202 Shiny Backgrounds - 1299908
JPG | 2480x3508 | 610 mb

ntroducing a brand new, dazzling 202 Shiny Backgrounds Collection by Digital Space! Crafted in 8 glorious distinct styles, this collection of hand-painted on a tablet backgrounds gives you the freedom to bring blazing luminous effects to your own, unique designs. Light up web, print, UI, billboard and any design with a mesmerizing variety of 202 beautiful backgrounds to choose from.

• High Resolution. Your backgrounds will look gorgeous on any device, on Retina screens and in hi-end print thanks to the resolution of 3508*2480px (A4 @300 DPI).
• JPEG – Simple as That. Hi-res, high quality JPEGs will fit in nicely in any of your creative projects no matter the platform or design software you use.
• Handcrafted Details. Each background features a plethora of both stunning and subtle stylus-painted details that emphasize its individual mood.
• Refined Compositions. Every composition was carefully considered to perfectly align all elements and distinctive aspects into a beautiful work of art.
• Multiple Effects. Lightning and flames, plasma and mysterious haze, outer space glow and festive sparks – the Collection has it all for you to creatively explore.

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